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About Us

Auromira exports is the only artisans group in Puducherry, South India, dedicated to promoting a craft that takes us back to a simple and natural way of living. Since the beginning of Auromira Export in 2004, the blend of traditional Indian weaving techniques and the Western influence of the German Bauhaus movement, inspired us to create a new sustainable approach to the whole issue of ecology in the textile field, touching three main areas:

  • Ecological production: The entire process of extraction and production of fibers, the use of natural dyes and fabrics, furnishings and fashions in environmentally sound conditions.
  • Human ecology: The effects of textiles on the body as the nearest environment.
  • Disposal ecology: Recycling of textiles and wastes and the responsible use of natural and energy resources such as water waste.

The principle goal of Auromira Exports is to improving the lives of the less privileged rural youth of the surrounding Villages of Puducherry by helping them to create beautiful, simple and useful handicrafts in order to become self reliant artisans fully integrated in their communities.


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